for distributed quintet, interactive sculpture, multi-channel audio and projection design.
Composed, Directed, & Produced by Justin Peake       
performed on January 21, 2017
The Marigny Opera House, New Orleans, LA

Aurora Nealand
Simon Lott
James Singleton
Rex Gregory
Helen Gillet


first movement:

The audience is greeted by an interactive table displaying 200 handmade ceramic cups, and invited to take one of the cups.

When a cup is removed, the sculptures on stage resonate audibly in the space and the music of the 2nd movement is arranged generatively.

As the audience fills the space, the ensemble appears on stage amidst the resonating sculptures. They are holding the custom built wind-activated boxes which are used in the third movement.

second movement:
To begin the second movement, the musicians move to their places surrounding the audience resulting in a cohesive surround-sound acoustic ensemble. 

Aether application is used to cue the ensemble based on data gathered from the cups and the table.

third movement:
The third movement begins with the ensemble amidst the sculpture again. The wind-controlled boxes they hold now activate multi-channel surround sound elements in the space.


The musicians and audience can control the sound by gently blowing into the boxes.


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