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“Condemned To Be Free observes the paradox of our reality. The cacophony of corruption, violence, and corporate decadence threatens to overwhelm the nuances of social forces. Still, there is a purpose that compels us to channel our desires to create; merely to intensify the celebration of the cosmic dance called life. Behind the poignancy there is something beautifully ephemeral. There is hope.”

- WK

“Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.”
— Jean-Paul Sartre

Wes Sumrall, aka Wesley Krusher, was born in Houston, TX and raised in Memphis, TN. His fascination with painting and music came at an early age. After attending art school, he relocated to Richmond, VA, where he continues to paint and record experimental electronic and ambient music.

Condemned To Be Free is Sumrall’s first musical release with Articulated Works, and his second appearance with us as a painter, having created the artwork from Krishna’s ambient EP Loss. As an interdisciplinary artist, Sumrall brings a painter’s approach to making music, pushing and pulling audio like colorful textures on a canvas. By merging disperate elements, from ambient soundscapes that sound plucked from a not-too-distant future distopian sci-fi, to the four-on-the-floor pulse of house and techno inspired percussion, the listener is left torn between existential reflection and Diyonesian celebration.

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photo credit: Krishna Pandit

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