Articulated Works

NYU-ITP Spring 2015: Interactive Music

Justin Peake: bass, percussion, electronics, effects

Whirplools and Vertices is a web based piece of music which re-imagines the composition and presentation of improvised music.

It consists of four solo 'dependent'* improvisations multi-tracked, overdubbed, and overlaid on one another, creating the illusion of a quartet performance.

The browser presentation offers the listener the ability to control the volume and panning of each part, bringing a 'fifth' performer to the piece. Each individual part could stand on its own as a sparse soloistic statement, or combine with each other in a varied


All parts composed and performed by Justin Peake.

Built with p5.js

Special Thanks: Lauren McCarthy, Jason Sigal, Yotam Mann

*Dependent Improvisation refers to the improvisation and recording of a piece of music followed by the immediate recording of another improvisation on top of the previous one. No rehearsing, no listening. It is a soloist approach to improvised ensemble composition.