Articulated Works

Spirituals is a project by artist Tyler Tadlock that pursues electronically manipulated sounds, often in the forms of dance music and improvisation. Tyler is a drummer, dj, producer, and graphic designer currently living in Jackson, Mississippi.

Every Day Will Be Like This 

With his second full-length, Every Day Will Be Like This, Spirituals dives deeper into the world that his first full-length uncovered. Enveloping bass grooves and consistent rhythmic melodies make it an immediately engaging experience, occasionally offering us a glimpse of his fondness for ambience, world beats and free improvisational music.

Accompanying the release is a five minute video for the title track, shot and edited by video artist Robby Piantanida, that takes us on a disorienting descent into a world where the laws of physics appear temporarily suspended for a surreal journey through a familiar, yet seemingly alien landscape.


Video shot and edited by Robby Piantanida. 

Photography by Aaron Phillips

Every Day Will Be Like This contains a sample from a piece entitled "All Wounds" by the Canadian Electronic EnsembleSpecial thanks to David Grimes and Paul Stillwell. 

Past Press

"The more you listen to Spirituals, the greater sense you get of Tadlock as being the kind of guy who would spend hours setting up dominoes just for the thrill of toppling them." - Pitchfork