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Parlour is a podcast featuring music and interviews from original artists and tailored to present captivating accounts of the process of making music and art.

Parlour Ep. 9 :: J.O. Evans III

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 Frankly, one of our most inspiring sessions to date; visionary musician and multimedia composer J.O. Evans III was kind enough to sit down with us and share some of his genuine concerns for the way we listen to the world around us and how we conceive of music in general.

J.O. Evans III - guitar, synths, effects, leaves, sticks

Parlour Ep. 7 :: Helen Gillet & Rex Gregory


Helen and Rex both brought huge musical influences to the table and we were excited to witness the conglomeration of the two. They each perform together on their respective songs as well as improvising some sounds. We discuss song lyrics, staying true to your history, and writing original music.

Helen Gillet - Cello, Effects, Vox

Rex Gregory -  Saxophone, Synth, Vox


Parlour Ep. 5 :: William A. Thompson IV (WATIV)


An extremely intriguing look at Will's project WATIV where he explores musical re-contextualization of samples he took while serving in Baghdad. He also discusses his time over there and how the music of the Iraqi people influenced the way he thinks about music and composition.

William A. Thompson IV - Keyboard, Laptop, Effects

Parlour Ep. 3 :: Anthony Cuccia (The Night Janitor)


An inspiring session with percussionist and producer Anthony Cuccia as he performs material from his Night Janitor project. This is the first solo performer we presented and it was a very casual environment which yielded a more in depth look at the personal history that built his project. Other topics include humor and music, studio process, and sampling.

Anthony Cuccia - Samplers, Sequencers, Vox