Articulated Works


Directed by Justin Peake

~ live multimedia performance, interactive installation, and educational platform ~

PLEASE NOTE: We are still uploading and compiling documentation of this event. Please check back soon!


Behind - the - Scenes

The installation consists of:

600 handmade ceramic cups

1 large table with sensors keeps track of those cups in real time

1 dedicated server that handles musician cueing in realtime

6 'magic boxes' that allow wireless breath control of ambient sound elements in the space



Educational Outreach

Our educational module is an in-depth and behind the scenes experience for students and teachers who are interested in music, performance, interactive theatre, new media, or any other multi disciplinary art practice.

Most of our educational walkthroughs happen during the daytime as "field trips".

Some of the concepts we cover are:

  • music & multimedia composition
  • creative technology
  • conceptual cohesion & aesthetic
  • logistics & planning
  • lighting & stage design
  • realistic budgeting