Articulated Works


Justin Peake is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and designer who has been working since 2006 at the intersection of jazz, improvisation, new music composition, and experimental performance.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Philosophy (Science, Cognition, and Aesthetics) from the University of Alabama and a master's degree from New York University's - ITP department.

Justin is currently a research fellow at NYU-ITP as well as the director of Articulated Works, a New Orleans based hub for critical thought, music, art, and design.




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Sound Design, Multi-Channel Audio, Electronic Art, Installation, Projection Mapping, Hardware & Circuit Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MEAN, Concept Development & Ideation, Rapid Prototyping, User Testing, Project Management

Collaborative Leadership, Creativity, Community Building, Aesthetics, Mindfulness, Positivity, Diligence, Play, Ceaseless Learning, Innovative Thinking


Software / Programming

  Ableton Live



  Most DAWs (Logic, ProTools, Audacity, etc.)





  After Effects

  Final Cut





  Node / Express / MongoDB

Selected Exhibitions / Work / Awards

[Fellowship] Research Fellowship, NYU-ITP, Tisch School of the Arts, 2016-2017

[Instrument Design / Performance] "Concentric" , NIME Performance, The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY, 2015

[Sound Design] “The Things We Carry With Us”, Julia Irwin – ITP Thesis Presentation, New York 2015

[Sound Design] “what is left?”, Bridget Struthers – Choreographer, New York 2015

[Exhibit] “MANTIS” Audio-Visual Physiological Mirror, NYU - ITP Winter Show, New York, 2014

[Exhibit] Algorithmic Music Generator, Sehwan Park’s “4 Seasons”, NYU - ITP Winter Show, New York 2014

[Physical Design] Wireless Controller for Gestural Performance, w/ Thea Rae, NYU - ITP Winter Show, New York, 2014

[Exhibit/Sound Installation] "Your New Car", Unerhörte Räume, Kunsthalle Am Hamburger Platz - Berlin, Dec 2014

[Sound Design] “Fade to Orange”, Scott Amendola / Beautiful Bells Remix, 2014

[Exhibit/Sound Installation] "How Far Can You Go?", Bamboula Nola (Prospect 3) - New Orleans, 2014

[Sound Design] “Skin Deep”, Alon Chitayat and Rosalie Yu, NYU - ITP Big Screens Exhibition, New York, 2014

[Sound Design] “The Fall of Erebus”, Sabrina Osmany & Federico Burch, ITP Big Screens Exhibition, 2014

[Artist Residency] - Romanmotier, Switzerland - Summer 2014

[Performance] “Soliloquy”, Multimedia - Berlin, 2014

[Award] Departmental Fellowship, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU, 2014 -2016

[Composer] “The Moon in Gemini Vol. 3”, Beautiful Bells, 2014

[Composer] “One Cent Piece”,  Beautiful Bells, 2013

[Composer] “The Moon in Gemini Vol. 2”, Beautiful Bells, 2012

[Composer] “Managing Depth”, Beautiful Bells, 2011

[Composer] “The Moon in Gemini Vol. 1”, Beautiful Bells, 2010

[Composer, Percussion] “New Orleans: 2009”, 2009

[Exhibit/Sound Installation] “micro Focal 23.A”, Prospect 1, New Orleans 2008