Articulated Works


Justin Peake:

I'm a musician, composer, and multimedia designer.

I have a Master's Degree from NYU-ITP.


:: 205.454.1319

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Sound Design, Multi-Channel Audio, Electronic Art, Installation, Projection Mapping, Hardware & Circuit Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MEAN, Concept Development & Ideation, Rapid Prototyping, User Testing, Project Management

Collaborative Leadership, Creativity, Community Building, Aesthetics, Mindfulness, Positivity, Diligence, Play, Ceaseless Learning, Innovative Thinking


Software / Programming

  Ableton Live



  Most DAWs (Logic, ProTools, Audacity, etc.)





  After Effects

  Final Cut





  Node / Express / MongoDB

Selected Exhibitions / Work / Awards

[Instrument Design / Performance] "Concentric" , NIME Performance, The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY, 2015

[Sound Design] “The Things We Carry With Us”, Julia Irwin – ITP Thesis Presentation, New York 2015

[Sound Design] “what is left?”, Bridget Struthers – Choreographer, New York 2015

[Exhibit] “MANTIS” Audio-Visual Physiological Mirror, NYU - ITP Winter Show, New York, 2014

[Exhibit] Algorithmic Music Generator, Sehwan Park’s “4 Seasons”, NYU - ITP Winter Show, New York 2014

[Physical Design] Wireless Controller for Gestural Performance, w/ Thea Rae, NYU - ITP Winter Show, New York, 2014

[Exhibit/Sound Installation] "Your New Car", Unerhörte Räume, Kunsthalle Am Hamburger Platz - Berlin, Dec 2014

[Sound Design] “Fade to Orange”, Scott Amendola / Beautiful Bells Remix, 2014

[Exhibit/Sound Installation] "How Far Can You Go?", Bamboula Nola (Prospect 3) - New Orleans, 2014

[Sound Design] “Skin Deep”, Alon Chitayat and Rosalie Yu, NYU - ITP Big Screens Exhibition, New York, 2014

[Sound Design] “The Fall of Erebus”, Sabrina Osmany & Federico Burch, ITP Big Screens Exhibition, 2014

[Artist Residency] - Romanmotier, Switzerland - Summer 2014

[Performance] “Soliloquy”, Multimedia - Berlin, 2014

[Award] Departmental Scholarship, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU, Spring 2014 -’16

[Composer] “The Moon in Gemini Vol. 3”, Beautiful Bells, 2014

[Composer] “One Cent Piece”,  Beautiful Bells, 2013

[Composer] “The Moon in Gemini Vol. 2”, Beautiful Bells, 2012

[Composer] “Managing Depth”, Beautiful Bells, 2011

[Composer] “The Moon in Gemini Vol. 1”, Beautiful Bells, 2010

[Composer, Percussion] “New Orleans: 2009”, 2009

[Exhibit/Sound Installation] “micro Focal 23.A”, Prospect 1, New Orleans 2008