Articulated Works


Figure is a new & experimental platform for contemporary music performance and composition developed by Justin Peake.

Essentially, an on-the-fly arrangement tool for ensembles...

Figure facilitates a new richness in the display and execution of musical cues by providing a new way to deliver notation, graphic scores, video, and more to performers by way of WiFi enabled tablets.

It is a web-based application that can also run "offline" if an ensemble prefers to used a closed WiFi network.

Not only does it open the door for new approaches to inter-ensemble conducting and composing but it also provides a strong platform to create interactive compositions which auto-arrange based on the dynamics of the current performance or to create compositions which "remember" how they have been performed. It is a scalable, multi-channel screen interface for music performance and education that enables a new kind of improvisation. Musical prompts are sent to one, some, or all performers at once.