Articulated Works


FIGURE is a toolkit for musicians and artists to compose dynamic musical works. It replaces paper sheet music with networked tablet screens,allowing a new richness in the display and execution of musical notation.


Using a combination of live web elements and dynamic graphics, new
possibilities arise in terms of how music is represented and cued.


Can we innovate music performance by exploring the fluidity of conductor/performer/composer roles?

Figure is application that fundamentally shifts the way we create, workshop, and perform live music. By using today's technology to enhance the traditional techniques,  we can build inspiring new performance experiences for stages, classrooms and beyond.

It is a scalable, multi-channel screen interface for music performance and education that enables a new kind of improvisation. Musical prompts are sent to one, some, or all performers on-the-fly.  It consists of a combination of three main screen views/modes:
    ⁃    upload a variety of cues and musical figures            
    ⁃    cues may be digital sheet-music to images, video, or even interactive media
    ⁃    they becomes automatically available in the conductor view
    ⁃    conductor selects active channel
    ⁃    selects some previously uploaded media (clickable)
    ⁃    send cue to performer(s) through active channel
    ⁃    cues sent by conductor are displayed