Articulated Works


Concentric is a Two-Part, Dynamic Musical Interface and Performance

Phase 1: Bamboo Stalk

I used a 3" diameter piece of bamboo which I outfitted with:

- 10 Small Force Sensitive Resistors (FSR): to control Max Patch

- 1 Long Spring connected to a Contact Microphone: to conduct and transduce acoustic waves

Phase 2: Design & Mill Circuit for Bamboo

This circuit board takes input from the 10 FSRs and sends them to Max, serially, via an ATmega328 & FTDI Friend.

- Only design constraint was that I wanted it to be 3" width to conform to the profile of the bamboo

- Sandwich Design

- Milled on OtherMill Hardware

Phase 3: Software > Max/MSP/Arduino

 Max patch needs:

- 2 discrete connections to my serial ports.

- a set of sample players

- a set of polyphonic

- a live recording module that would play back in several modes: forward, reverse, and random

Phase 4: Circuit for Foot Controller

Phase 5: Foot Controller + Enclosure

I wanted the foot controller to handle the performers ability to:

- perform live and acoustically with the bamboo (through spring/mic)

- perform live on a polyphonic synth built with Max

- sample and loop live input.