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The Aboutness of Everything


   If everything you can imagine is contained within this circle, then what is on the outside of the circle?

 If everything you can imagine is contained within this circle, then what is on the outside of the circle?

We don’t transmit our feelings or experiences telepathically (or at least…)

We describe them. We talk “about” them.

Aboutness is the closest thing we have to communicating our observations.

      I want to advocate something I call Deep Aboutness...

...a way of seeing the world that promotes investigation, discussion, humility, and hopefully, empathy by drawing upon everyday experience as a portal to consideration of multiple perspectives and experiences.

It is a way to engage the world.

It is a permanent state of wonder.


  • Transdisciplinarity is a mindset, a process, and a way of seeing the world. It is a skill. Because it is a skill, it is something that can be exercised, practiced, and honed.


  • Often, students do not become aware of the notion of transdisciplinarity until perhaps the college years. Why? This is a problem.


More Problems? Yes, please.

Many elementary and middle schools tailor their curricula so that specific concepts from one class will coincide with concepts from another class.

Unfortunately, the promotion of synthesis often ends there.

This is the equivalent of throwing a bunch of ingredients into a pot but forgetting to stir them around.  Would you ever bake a cake by tossing all the ingredients into a pan without mixing them. What a horrendous but intriguing mess it might be.


What is the Future?

My goal is to prepare rounded thinkers who are not afraid to experiment, play, and synthesize. Thinkers who look at everything in the world as its own multi-modal portal for information… that everything has a story, and is connected to many other things and their respective stories. Everything can be about something else.


                  OoOoOh.... AaaAaAh....

In order to do that, I have been toying with a framework for interactive learning that could be implemented 1-> in person, between many people in a classroom or 2-> over networked screens, or even 3-> at home over a dinner table or on the way to school.

                   It is a framework. It is a process. It can be done anytime, anywhere, with anything.  It promotes free thinking by acknowledging multi-perspective consideration.  IT IS FREE. IT IS AN IDEA...





Intrigued? Aren't we all?